..thank you and your colleagues very much indeed for providing, yet again, a fabulous evening of music at Queen’s College Cambridge. The vivacious programme and the excellent quality of play gave us all something really lovely to listen to whilst we enjoyed dinner, wine and conversation. We very much appreciated your flexibility as regards the “layout” for the evening, with the different start time, the change to the location of the reception and in particular your willingness to move location to enable the late-nighters to continue to enjoy your music..

     ..I would like to thank you and your colleagues in the Classic String Quartet for playing for us at our Dinner in Selwyn College Cambridge. The programme you selected was excellent and we are very grateful to you as your music certainly helped very significantly to make the event a great success. Many of our delegates asked me to convey their thanks to you..

  ..many thanks for the lovely recital you gave on the 24th. Although the guests seemed very verbal on the night the music carried through and was lovely..

..once again we had a very enjoyable dinner at Magdalene College Cambridge and I would like to thank you and your colleagues for entertaining us during the course of the evening. The music was excellent and is always very appropriate to the setting..

..two hundred and thirty guests gathered for champagne to the wonderful music of a string quartet..

..thank you for your support of the second Magical Moonlight Walk in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust Kids .. the event was a huge success and looks set to raise thousands of pounds for these 2 very special charities..

..once again, many thanks for an excellent performance, there was nothing but praise from our members for the music..

..Thank you ever so much for providing the music during our conference dinner. It added an extra special feel to what was a lovely evening. The appreciation for the string quartet was noted on the feedback forms, which were received from the conference delegates.





..Many many thanks for your tremendous contribution to our Anniversary celebration. You all worked so hard for our enjoyment and you may not be aware of how much you were appreciated. All our family and friends got so much pleasure from your being there and playing so well.. many people have remarked how delightful it was to have the music and G and I felt it was an excellent touch to our various family celebrations..

..sincere appreciation for all that you and your colleagues contributed to our Pearl Wedding Celebrations..

..thank you so much for playing at our party. Everyone said how lovely it was to hear “real” music and so beautifully played. You added an air of elegance to the whole evening..  





..It was a magical moment when we sat down to eat and the Quartet’s music drifted down from the minstrels’ gallery. Their performance added a very special element to a joyous day..

..thank you for the wonderful music you played on our wedding day – it was truly magical..

.. for playing such a special part in our wedding. We can’t thank you enough for your beautiful music, everyone thought you were fantastic.. were certainly appreciated and enjoyed by many..

..we have just been watching the video and seeing things that I was oblivious to on the day! Your music helped to make the day just perfect. Please thank everyone in the quartet for doing such a marvellous job..

..the Quartet were superb and really added to the occasion..

..thank you for the excellent performance of the string quartet at C and A's wedding. It provided the touch that “made the day” many people have said how stunning the music was..

“Thank you” once again for the excellent performance on march 4th..

..a big thank you for playing so wonderfully at our wedding reception. There were so many compliments ..

..for your beautiful music played throughout our wedding. Absolutely fantastic. You are so talented and you complement every emotion on such a special day..  





..for playing at Downing College Cambridge for G and S. They had a perfect day enhanced by your music at the reception. They loved the printed programme and the selection of music that you provided prior to the day.

..playing so beautifully at our wedding reception. Your music really complemented our drinks reception and you played a perfect selection of pieces to suit everyone’s tastes. Several guests commented on your music and you certainly contributed to our amazing day.. very much we enjoyed your playing at our party, You will be pleased to know that I have had some well founded and enthusiastic comments – your music was enjoyed by all. I was very pleased to have the list of what you played – what a very nice thought!.. was an absolute joy to hear you play and the music was clearly chosen with great care to match the occasion. Thank you for entering into the spirit of it all.. we loved all the different kinds of music you played. It enhanced the day and you had numerous compliments – even the youngest person present (15 months)danced to the music!





..the part that you played in making M and Ns wedding the perfect day! Your music really set the mood for the day. Our guests were impressed with your vitality and the wide variety of your playlist..

..the choice of music was perfect, particularly the Beatles selection as our family from Liverpool were present –everyone really enjoyed your accompaniment to the meal

..thank you so much for the beautiful music – especially the early rendition of Pachelbel’s canon! I noticed many of the guests really appreciated the music- it livened up that portion of the day no end..

..the music was wonderful, everyone said how much they enjoyed the variety of songs played..

...the variety of music you played was excellent and so many people on the day and afterwards commented on how good it was. For J and I it was one of the things that made the day so special (apart from the weather!) and will add to the wonderful memories we have..  





..for playing at our wedding at St Johns College Cambridge. The music was fantastic and really helped create a lovely atmosphere which complemented the setting.

...A special thankyou for providing the most wonderful atmosphere to our wedding day. Your repertoire was superbly varied and enjoyed by all

..everyone said how much they enjoyed your music – it really did create a fantastic atmosphere. We look forward to hearing you again someday..

..thank you for playing at L and Gs wedding. We had a couple of comments that they thought “Big Spender” was quite appropriate! You added that something special to the day – there, but not intrusive..

..thank you for playing so beautifully at our wedding. It created a lovely atmosphere and the rendition of “Perhaps perhaps” made it really special for us..

..thank you all for your very enjoyable music at my daughter’s wedding. It helped create a lovely atmosphere for our party and set the scene for a very happy occasion. I hope we’ll have the opportunity of hearing you again..

the music was delightful and provided the perfect atmosphere for our dream wedding.. added something very magical to the day and many of our guests enthused about your performances. You managed to set a perfect atmosphere..

  ..a huge “thank you” for providing the beautiful music to our wedding, it really helped to create the atmosphere we wanted..  





..We had a fantastic day and it was made even more special by your music. Nannie was taken aback by the “Sound of Music” set you performed and is still telling her friends all about it. We would be more than happy to recommend your quartet so please feel free to give our details..

..the music was lovely, we have listened to it again and again on our video! Many of our friends also commented on how lovely the music was. Thank you again and we will be recommending you to our friends!..

..thank you so much for the lovely music that the CSQuartet played at our wedding. We have had many wonderful comments regarding both the church and the reception music, it really set the scene for the whole day..we would certainly be more than happy to recommend you in the future..

..thank you for the lovely music you provided for our wedding. You helped to make the day extra special.. if you ever need any recommendations please do not hesitate to get in contact..

..thank you all for making the church ceremony for my daughter’s wedding absolutely perfect. We all thought you did a fantastic job and would have no hesitation in recommending you to any future clients..  






..I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts and to thank you for your professional approach. Lots of guests commented on your playing and I am sure you will be hearing from several when it is their turn to organise their special occasions..

We both really appreciate the extra effort that you put in, and several guests commented on the music..

M and I wish to pass on our heartfelt thanks to the CSQ for their unique contribution to our wedding day... As M was as late as she could possibly be for her marriage ceremony we were entertained with an extra 18 minutes of musical pleasure that helped to calm my nerves.. all made a huge contribution to the event, and your music was much praised and commented on. My Grandad was especially imressed! A special thanks to Pat for helping me to get organied and achieve exactly what I had wished for..

..the musicians gave the perfect “backdrop” to the proceedings and apart from playing such great music they were so cheerful and willing to be flexible. We photocopied the programme and several guests took details as they were so impressed. Thank you again for helping us at short notice..

..thank you so much for performing so beautifully for us on our Wedding Day. We really appreciated your personal approach and advice. You were brilliant..

  ..for playing so beautifully at our wedding ceremony. You did an absolutely superb job, and I do appreciate all the hard work and time you put in to enable us to have such a personalised ceremony. It really helped to create the most joyful and harmonious atmosphere and the quality of your playing set the tone of the atmosphere for the rest of the day. So many thanks to you for being so wonderfully calm, helpful and professional..